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APB Mining Performance

Heavy duty armoured buckets for mining excavators
Truck mounted water tanks for mining
Mining excavator bucket
Mining loader buckets
Truck mounted water tanks
Mining  excavators, loaders and dozers attachments
Mining buckets wear parts

    APB supplies HEAVY DUTY and SEVERE DUTY buckets, water tanks, attachments and wear parts for the mining, earthmoving and recycling industries. We deliver buckets mainly for mining companies in Africa, Australia and Russia. Worldwide delivery.

    Our buckets suits all manufacturer's models

    APB buckets last longer due to our expertise in design and quality material combination

    Each bucket should be different. We build your bucket to your specific individual needs

    Flexibility and short delivery times

    Choosing the appropriate bucket for excavators and wheel loaders can greatly enhance productivity. Our team is here to assist you in selecting the perfect APB mining bucket for your specific operation, whether it involves low abrasive applications or rugged rock quarries. Furthermore, we are capable of designing and constructing a customized bucket tailored to your unique requirements.

    Our selection encompasses a wide range of options, ranging from light-duty to extreme-duty buckets, including those suitable for quarry environments. To ensure exceptional durability and resistance against severe abrasion, our buckets are equipped with cast corner heel shrouds and wear runners. Additionally, we offer specialized wear packages upon request, catering to your specific needs.

    APB specialises in tailor made products suited to heavy machinery rated from 100 tons size range

    Buckets up to 50 m3 for every kind of jobs and conditions, fulfilling each need or requirement of the final user
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    APB supplies truck-mounted Water Tanks for the mining and earthmoving industries
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    The Rhino Series Buckets are products specially designed and manufactured to resist high abrasive applications

    APB offers different attachments for the mining, construction and recycling industries
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    APB custom-made wear parts in different types of steel hardnesses
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    Whether it is about buckets, water tanks, attachments or wear parts, APB offers competitive delivery times

    APB welds all its products using high quality materials and machinery with the latest technology to ensure the best result

    APB Mining Buckets Performance


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    APB Truck mounted water tanks
    Mining excavators and loaders buckets wear parts
    Mining excavators and loader buckets

    APB in the world

    APB supplies buckets, water tanks, attachments and wear parts to customers worldwide for the mining, earthmoving and recycling industries. APB products are mainly appreciated for its quality.

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