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Buckets overview

  • Heavy and severe duty armoured buckets for mining excavators
  • Heavy duty buckets for mining excavators

Buckets overview

APB produces heavy and severe duty high capacity buckets for mining and earthmoving excavators and loaders

  • Mining excavator buckets
  • Mining loaders buckets
  • Mining excavators buckets

    APB produces high capacity buckets for mining and earthmoving excavators and loaders

    APB specialises in tailor made products suited to heavy machinery rated from 100 tons size range

    APB produces high capacity buckets ranged from 7 to 50 m3

    APB buckets ensures less operative costs throughout higher wear resistance

    The Rhino Series Buckets are products specially designed and manufactured to resist high abrasive applications

    Each bucket is designed according to the specific characteristics of the job.

    Speciallized in mining applications, the APB Buckets prove its power on the field

    Our buckets are built with high quality materials and advanced design, ensuring a long lifetime with minimum wear

    APB manufactures the buckets according to each cusmoter and job specifications

    APB in the world

    APB supplies buckets, water tanks, attachments and wear parts to customers worldwide for the mining, earthmoving and recycling industries. APB products are mainly appreciated for its quality.

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