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10,6 m3 armoured bucket for Hitachi 1900 EX-6

2x Armoured mining buckets for Hitachi 1900 EX-6 to Senegal

 |  APB
We have completed the order of two armoured mining buckets Rhino Series, currently on their way to Senegal. The buckets have 10,6 m3 capacity, weighing 14.300 kg. each, and have been equipped with a full se...
Reinforced excavator bucket for LIEBHERR R9400

APB Rhino Series Bucket for LIEBHERR R9400 to Australia

 |  APB
Here some pictures of the building process, bucket finished and transport on its way to the harbour, Australia direction. This is an armoured bucket Rhino Series with 24 m3 capacity, weighing 22 tons, to be...
Loader bucket for beach cleaning

Bucket with hydraulic grapple to Spain

 |  APB
Here one of our little buckets with hydraulic grapple deliveries.  This 1,3 m3 bucket has been mounted on a Liebherr S18 wheel loader for beach cleaning works. 
Rhino Series armoured excavator bucket

APB Rhino Series Bucket for CATERPILLAR 6020B to Senegal

 |  APB
Proud of the result for one of our latest projects for Africa. It is a bucket for the CATERPILLAR 6020B excavator, a reinforced bucket from our Rhino series, designed and adapted to the specific needs of ou...
Mining armoured excavator bucket

3 units of APB 8,7 m3 armoured buckets to Burkina Faso

 |  APB
Three units of our Rhino Series armoured buckets, specially designed to resist highly abrasive applications, sent to Burkina Faso. The buckets were produced to be mounted on CATERPILLAR 6015 B, with 9.600 k...

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